• Moroso USA, "Bayekou" large rocker. Design: Ayse Birsel & Bibi Seck, Steel/cord, 24.75" x 22.75" x 53.25"

  • R & Company, "Calunga" Chaise, Designer: Hugo Franca, Pequi wood, 35.4" x 68.8" x 76.7",

  • Janus et Cie, "Anda" lounge chair, Designer: Gabellini Shepparal/Fibonacci Collection, Janusfiber/coated steel, 36" x 39" x 37.5"

  • "Fortune Cookie" lounge, Designer: Johnny Swing, welded quarters and stainless steel, 29.5" x 86" x 70"

  • Karkula Design Corp., Star chair,

  • Lips, Colin Selig,

  • Dauphin North America, Martin Ballendat, “Little Perillo” seat: 15 x 19 x 17.5” overall 31 x 24 x 22”,

  • Cynthia Reeves, Gary Haven Smith, "Conchoid" stone bench, Stone, 24" x 65" x 16.5"

  • Artek, 10-unit System (red), Designer: Shigeru Ban, Wood plastic composite,

  • "Semplici regole, iscritte nella natura e nella coscienza di ognuno, ripetendosi costantemente, determinano risultati sublimi".









    "Simple rules, registered in the nature and consciousness of everyone, constantly repeating themselves, determine the sublime results."

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the explosion of outdoor furnishings

Wendy Van Deusen,
Associate Curator

Jack Lenor Larsen, co-curator
Sherri Donghia, co-curator
Elizabeth Lear, co-curator

What better time of year than now to linger out of doors? Awaken your senses, celebrate the seasons, create an oasis to sustain your spirit.

For a fraction of the cost it takes to design and furnish an indoor room, your outdoor living space awaits.  Design need not stop at your back door.  exteriors at LongHouse  provides inspiration.

Visit nine distinctive outdoor rooms filled with the best in international design. Take ideas home with you and make them your own.  

See the list of contributors for exteriors HERE.

See the exteriors catalogue HERE.

Saturday, May 17 
on view through October 4