Oh what a night! What honorees!  What atmosphere!  The LongHouse Winter Benefit was a smashing success and truly a feel good event.  The luminaries in the fields of design, art and architecture came to honor two extraordinary individuals:  Interior Design editor-in-chief Cindy Allen and furniture designer extraordinaire Joseph Walsh.

Guests enjoyed cocktails and conversation at the stunning Hearst Tower, followed by award presentations to the honorees.  The LongHouse Awards were created by Marc Leuthold.  

The evening's dinner was held at the stately headquarters of the American Irish Historical Society, a Beaux-Arts style mansion built in 1901. 

Enjoy these photos from this memorable evening to honor two of design's finest, to benefit LongHouse. 

LHR Board President Dianne B, Joseph Walsh, Cindy Allen and  and LHR Executive Director Matko Tomicic

 LHR honoree Joseph Walsh and Alice Stori Liechtenstein

 Jamie Drake and Cindy Allen

 Cary and Lisa Kravat

 Jamie Jun, Taylor Thomas, Sanya Thakrar, Charrli Genovese

 Tony Bowles
 Marc Leuthold, artist and creator of the LongHouse Awards

 Jon Ambrose,  LHR Senior Philanthropy Advisor Rebecca Chapman, Stephanie Shunk

 Christopher Cahill, Joseph Walsh

 Calvin Tsao, Sherri Donghia

 James Brasher, Emma Clurman, Lee Skolnick
 Caroline Sommers, Nancy Lockhart

 Frank Alexander, Elizabeth Sommer
 Bill Pittel, Helen Oberman, Miry Park, Ratma Froda, Jeffrey Beers

 Michelle Cohen, Chris Scoates

 The LongHouse Awards created by Marc Leuthold


 Cindy Allen
 Joseph Walsh

 Katja Goldman, Michael Sonnenfeldt, Patrica Findlay, Danielle Ohad, Nancy Lockhart

 Suzanne Subance, Mavis Wiggins

 Mary Blake, Wendy Van Deusen, Ayse Kenmore

 Helen Drutt English
 Faith Rose, Brent Capron, Jennifer Colon

 Suzanne Slesin, Marylyn Dintenfass

 Will Meyer, Gray David


 Suzanne Subance, Marrisa Pichigan

 Susan Lyons, Beth Dickstein