Dale Chihuly's Capri Blue Seaform
$ 6,000.00

Dale Chihuly’s organic shapes and seductive colors combine to create “Seaforms” suspended in perfectly weightless moments. The sensual and fluent waves of the two-piece composition “Capri Blue Seaform”, intensify the play of shadow and light between the ripples of the body, while its raised body wrap encompasses each element to accentuate the artwork’s aqueous spirit and profound depth. Contrasting tones of transparent and opaque blue harmonize to create an immersive, optical aura that is at once organic and transcendent.  2018 Studio Edition, signed by the artist, accompanied by a 12 x 12in. Plexiglas display vitrine and a copy of “Chihuly Seaforms.”


Dimensions:  Approx. 7 in.H x 10 in. W x 8 in.D
Item #1962