"We learn best through a three-dimensional experience, we learn faster and deeper from the experience of being in the space." Jack Lenor Larsen, founder


LongHouse Reserve is an inspirational educational destination.  We welcome and encourage visits and tours to elementary, middle/intermediate, high school and college educators and their students.

Our Education Committee will work with you to tailor your experience to your specific needs.  Visits are always free of charge to educators and their students.

BOOK A TOUR.  Call today for more information (631) 329-3568.  To book a tour for you and your students, simply follow this link:  Book-A-Tour.


K-12 students submit creative work in all disciplines to be considered for exhibition at LHR.  Student Annual X will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 from 4-6pm (gardens open at 3:00 - rain date is June 14).

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, June 5, 2017.

INTEGRATING CURRICULUM: (ALIGN WITH NYS) Suggestions for aligning with learning standards. 

Arts and Activities written by Robin Gianis from the Bridgehampton School

Ross School Blog  10/05/12  Finding Patterns in Nature  (Elementary)

Ross School Blog  10/08/12  The Geometry of LongHouse  (High School)

Ross School Blog   1/11/13   Finding Math in Art  (High School)

LongHouse Reserve also provides:

  • Hosting staff meetings and superintendent's conference days (call Selena Rothwell, 631.329.3568)
  • Opportunities for your students to perform at LongHouse during Open Days or Special Events.
  • LongHouse Library:  Books, articles, videos for study available by appointment (call Joi Perle 631.329.3568)


If you would like to share your write-ups, photos and press with us, we will post it here to share with the community. Please email selena@longhouse.org with your stories.