We are happy to have you visit our site, but urge you to experience LongHouse in person. 

There is a special atmosphere here that reaches across the normal boundaries you might usually associate with a sculpture park or gardens or buildings or even fashion. Whether you are traveling from a nearby town or far away -- and although the villages of the legendary Hamptons have much to commend them -- let LongHouse be the reason you come. Only in this unique environment can you be offered the best of all worlds in one destination. 

Our founder, Mr. Jack Lenor Larsen, envisioned a place where all of your senses would be aroused, and living with art -- in all its forms -- would become a shared experience.

This experience can be yours...so please...get to know us through this site; but do yourself the favor of attending one of our exceptional events, taking part in of one of our many programs,shopping in our selective INstore or simply walking the grounds. 

A combination of inspiration and elation are sure to follow.

I look forward to your visit,


Dianne B