Like never before in our lifetimes, no matter to what generation or political persuasion one belongs, we are living today in a time that is emotionally raw in a country engaged in a moral debate.  Instead of uplifting concepts, diversity and the environment have become frightening subjects.  

Culture, as we know it, is under attack.  It is proposed that funding the Arts and the Humanities, which so many organizations like ours depend upon, be relegated to the ash heap - can you imagine?  

We cannot.  What we can do is work harder to keep the enriching atmosphere of LongHouse as your safe harbor.  Turn to us.  LongHouse belongs to you - our supporters - a strong-willed and generous bunch.

This year, 2017, is our great founder's 90th year.  With each of his continuing travels, he introduces us to wondrous new ideas.  Our Cosmic Summer Benefit BOOM! is industriously being woven to illustrate our distinct global scope and provide a night like no other.  

You will notice that we've edged up our Benefit price a little and added the category of Family Membership to our roster.  Families are at the core of our purpose and benefits, by definition, are to make money.  We use that money to benefit you and uphold our high standards.  Stand with us as we clarify our common ground and enjoy a scintillating season together.


Dianne B