Air Purifier Cubes
Air Purifier Cubes Air Purifier Cubes Air Purifier Cubes
$ 30.00

The natural air purifier cube is made from activated charcoal and clay minerals and its micro-honeycomb structure amplifies the total surface area of the charcoal, allowing this small cube to absorb odors in an enclosed space of up to 17 square feet.  The cube sits in a simple, architectural wooden house, adding a lovely design element while absorbing unwanted odors.  Expose your cube once a month to direct sunlight for 6 hours to neutralize trapped odors and refresh your cube. Cube house available in natural or brown, replace cube after 1 year, made in Japan.

Dimensions:  3 in. H x 2 1/2 in.W x 1 1/2 in. D
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Replacement cube
Item #1980