Learning From LongHouse BY JACK LENOR LARSEN
Learning From LongHouse BY JACK LENOR LARSEN Learning From LongHouse BY JACK LENOR LARSEN
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Learning From LongHouse By Jack Lenor Larsen

Not just another book about a beautiful garden, this book as object embodies a garden that is much more than a garden. The square solidity of the actual book itself and its design invites you into the mind of a master. Jack Lenor Larsen is a thinker/gardener/global citizen/weaver and idiosyncratic individual who has espoused original and unorthodox theories throughout all of his long and exciting life and career. This book treats the reader to splendid double page pictures of the gardens and the art that make up LongHouse Reserve, the East Hampton outdoor arts foundation founded by him 25 years ago. Imagining LongHouse to be a laboratory of unconventional aspirations, he has peopled it with a brilliant Board of Directors, several diligent Committees who look after his high-standards plus a knowing and winning staff. It takes many to carry-on this high-level thinking and transport it into the future and his legacy. Filled with remarkable and memorable images, many now iconic such as the Buckminster Fuller and Yoko Ono, Learning From LongHouse illustrates not only his incredibly prescient eye but is also a how-to-do things one never imagined. Along with the experiential trials and tribulations of training one’s eye, it is filled with tips and tricks that will set every reader on the right path.  

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