LongHouse Garden Fund
$ 150.00

Dear LongHouse Supporter,

As Jack has deemed it, this is the year of LongHouse in Bloom, and it truly is!

From peonies to dogwoods, roses to phlox, blossoms have been unprecedented in
their profusion.
Response to our request for help has been tremendous, from both members and
Brent and Becky’s Bulbs. Thanks to you we are developing three large new mixed
borders as well as additions to the Grey Garden and other beds throughout our
We ask you now to continue your support of the LongHouse Garden Fund so we
can finish the year as strongly as we started. Please help us continue to enrich the
garden as we strive to make next year, our 25th year, the most magnificent it has
ever been.
With best regards,
Matko Tomicic
Executive Director